Starting A Scholarship? Here's How It Can Change Lives.

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Ten Secrets to a Great Scholarship ProgramCollege costs are rising faster than ever, and student loan debt is impacting more and more people. The financial aid gap is growing—but private scholarships can help.

Starting a scholarship program can benefit your company, your workforce and your community -- but there are plenty of administrative details to consider. Scholarship America designs and delivers custom scholarship programs to meet your needs. Our dedicated specialists take care of the details, so you can focus on your core business.

Why Are Scholarships So Important?

Scholarship funding for students means fewer hours on the job, more time to devote to academics and activities, and less crippling loan debt after they earn their degree. It’s a win for the student, the scholarship sponsor, and the entire economy.

By starting a scholarship, you can have a real, immediate effect on the college students in your workforce, their families or your community.

What Does Scholarship America Do For Me?

At Scholarship America, we have six decades of experience in designing and managing scholarships that make a difference. Our clients include companies, membership organizations, private foundations, community foundations, associations, unions, trusts and individuals. We work with all types and sizes of organizations. Anyone can make a difference; we’re here to amplify your impact.

  • 98 percent of our clients rate our service as good or excellent
  • Our programs reach students in over 100 countries
  • Our 175 employees have an average of 7 years of service
  • 55 percent of employers in the US offer undergraduate educational assistance

How Can I Learn More?

For a sample of our expertise, we’re happy to offer this free ebook: Ten Secrets To A Great Scholarship Program. Download it now and learn the ten things you need to consider as you work on starting your scholarship. Need to talk? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll help you take the next step.