Scholarship America can help you boost your impact on students.

Since 1958, we've distributed over $5.4 billion in scholarships. And we’ve come to understand that it’s not just how many dollars we award that matters, it’s who they’re awarded to.

Our research shows that scholarships have the greatest return on investment for students from historically marginalized communities who have significant financial need—but those exact students are less likely to receive scholarships than their more privileged peers, from Scholarship America, or anywhere else.

Together, we can change this.

We've established an ambitious North Star Goal to award a majority of our scholarships to high-need, historically marginalized students by 2027 so they can realize the benefits of a high-quality college degree or credential.

But we can't do it alone. This effort requires partners who believe in equity; who want to support the diverse workforce of tomorrow; and who are willing to think big and help evolve the private scholarship space to address the real challenges we face.

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